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Call Dibs - A Military-Exclusive Mobile Market Place


Call Dibs, by Adjacent Apps, is a FREE mobile selling application; exclusive only to the military community that allows active duty, dependents, veterans, reservists, and the DOD to buy, sell, and exchange goods.

Call Dibs

The Story behind Call Dibs:

As military families, we're accustomed to relocating. This often means we need to unload items prior to a move, or need items once we arrive to our new location. Call Dibs provides us a means to do so with ease. Unlike other online-selling tools, Call Dibs gives users a sense of trust, accountability, and security; knowing they're transacting with other members of the military.

Developed by Anthony Garcia, a U.S. Army veteran, Call Dibs was created as a forum built upon the trust of our military community. The values and principles, which define our military, are unique to our culture. Because of this, the goal of Call Dibs is to provide a marketplace which will ensure security through transparency, affiliation, and verification.

How Call Dibs works:

If you need to get rid of items, it's fast and easy: 1. Describe your item, 2. List a price, 3. Select a length of availability, and 4. Upload a picture from your mobile device. Call Dibs can also be used out of good will, by just giving something away to your fellow service member or spouse. And if you're in need of items, Call Dibs allows the awareness of knowing what's available in your local area. You can see this through the Call Dibs map view or scroll through the list view. And if you're PCsing soon - search your future destination.

Call Dibs

What to Expect:          

As Call Dibs continues to evolve, users will be privileged to a treasure trove of benefits. The Call Dibs team is comprised of military spouses, veterans, and former dependents - rest assured the voice of the customer will be heard. Additionally, Call Dibs will serve as a valuable asset for military families to connect with the communities in which they're stationed.

To start using Call Dibs today, visit and submit your email address. Download the FREE Call Dibs app from iTunes. Complete the registration, then start buying and selling. Buy, sell, swap, and recycle - Call Dibs!





My daughter told me about this site and so I downloaded it and posted an ad on it. Found the signing up and posting pretty user friendly. As a veteran of many moves, I am certain an app of this nature is needed. - It is not crystal clear to me how would the administrator ensure that the "undesirables" preying on military personnel would be kept OUT... I am afraid once they learn they can post on this site for free, it will be full with spam and scams...
Posted @ Sunday, October 07, 2012 8:23 PM by Paul Hardy
We are thrilled to hear that you are using the Call Dibs App and that you found it to be user friendly. The great thing about Call Dibs is that the users are only able to utilize the app once their military affiliation has been verified,thus keeping it exclusive and secure for the military community. We hope you continue to have success with Call Dibs.
Posted @ Sunday, October 14, 2012 6:25 PM by Monica
Dear Monica, how do you verify user's military affiliation?
Posted @ Thursday, November 01, 2012 4:05 PM by Susan
Thank you for allowing me to comment on the Call Dibs verification process and also how we plan on keeping the "undesirables" out. 
When we set out to create Call Dibs, our vision was to create a virtual exclusive military community, to buy and sell personal goods. We are solving the problems of quick transaction, simple use, and safety (solving fear of the unknown through an exclusive community). This is extremely difficult to do, but achievable.  
We first created, what is referred to in the software industry, as a minimal viable product (MVP). This is the bare essentials of what is required to solve the problems above. It is vital to start out with the basics in this industry. It's easy to build on software, but extremely difficult to take out. It's similar to building a house and then having to all of a sudden replace the foundation. 
Current Version of Call Dibs: 
With the current version of Call Dibs a user can create an account, but must select an affiliation. It is a major psychological hurdle to lie about who you say you are. Research from The Society of Human Research Managers shows that 20% of people state fraudulent degrees. We believe this is the first tier in eliminating the "undesirables".  
Any Call Dibs user can click on a profile and see who and what type of service member they are dealing with. This is our first building block to creating your Community Call Dibs Resume. Additionally, if you create your account with a military email address you are completely verified. 
As of today we have close to 2.6K downloads. Our community is in its infancy, just as the service of Call Dibs
Future Version of Call Dibs (coming Feb-Mar 2013): 
In the future version we will implement user verification. This is proprietary information, but this is what we can tell you - the Call Dibs user profile will be equally visible as the items for sale. We believe that not only are you selling the item, but you are also selling yourself. You’re selling yourself in order to transact quicker and to be a member of the community. 
In the next version we will regress upon public web platforms to determine if someone, is who they say they are. This will required current users and new users to allow access to certain public information available on the web. We are not asking for any sensitive material. I'll say this again, we are not asking for any sensitive material. There is enough public information out there to determine this with safety. Also, it's up to the Call Dibs user to allow us access. 
I, Anthony Garcia, served in the Army for 8 years. I PCSed several times and served two separate one year tours to Iraq. One of the great parts about being a part of the military community is that we hold each other accountable - and we are accountable. This is very different from any other community. We are a team of 10 military spouses, 3 military veterans, and even two military brats. We are the users and we believe other Call Dibs users will take pride in becoming verified and encourage others to do the same. We believe so much in this that we are doing this for free. 
Call Dibs is a community of trust. There will be a time in the near future, where in order to transact you have to be verified. This verification will also ensure users can take advantage of future Call Dibs benefits. 
For updates please check out our Call Dibs Blog and our Call Dibs Facebook page
Thanks for your time and stay tuned for the Call Dibs web app that will be available in Feb. Any military service member, spouse, and veteran with a computer or smart phone will be able to use Call Dibs. 
Anthony Garcia 
CEO, Adjacent Applications, Inc 
Former Army Captain and Dustoff Pilot 
Call Dibs!
Posted @ Tuesday, November 27, 2012 3:18 PM by Anthony Garcia
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