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Curb Appeal: Make a Good First Impression!

curb appeal photo resized 600

Admit it, you’ve done it! When a “For Sale” sign is posted in your neighborhood, you take a second look at the property if the seller has spruced up the front entry or added pleasing new landscaping. Even with a drive-by, your eye is automatically drawn to the positive changes. Yay for curb appeal! 

Neat Homes Garner Bidding Wars

Clean Home resized 600

In the ideal home sale, your home would sell within one month after a tough bidding war between several home buyers, garnering you more than your asking price, leaving you ready to PCS on time with some extra cash in your bank account for your next down payment. How can you wind up in this enviable home selling position? A neat home is a good way to help you garner a bidding war between prospective buyers and help place your home in an optimum selling position. Before we proceed, though, it’s important that you know a couple of key statistics about homes that do well in the market place:    

Don't miss out on the Internet Age's Curb Appeal

photos curb appeal resized 600

Photos are the Internet Age's Curb Appeal

Every so often when I ponder where the Air Force gods may send us next, I skim through house listings on Military By Owner, picturing myself in a house by the beach in Hawaii, in a spacious adobe-style home near Tucson, or spending less on a 3,000 square foot home near hill country in Texas than we do on our itty bitty townhouse-condo near the Pentagon. When I click through to inspect the photos, though, I find that I’m regularly disappointed. A photo of your dining table and a fuzzy picture of your bed—both items of furniture that are not included in the sale of most homes outside of the beach condo market—do not help me fully capture the vision of greener pastures that I sought in your home.

How Virtual Tours Help Sell Military Housing

Virtual Tours

Let’s imagine for a minute that you’ve just received orders to a duty station half-way across the country with a report date set for four months from now (a good, generous timeline for a PCS by Uncle Sam’s standards!).  You want to take full advantage of your Permissive TDY to secure off-base housing prior to out-processing from your current duty station; however, your spouse is busy with work and can only secure a three-day weekend for home shopping.  Bummer.  That leaves you both on a tight schedule, but you want to make sure that you have time to see all of your best options for a home in that time frame; after all, this is a big investment! 

What to Expect with Your First Home Sale

Home Selling

A need for a larger house is cited as the primary reason that Americans aged 47 and younger choose to sell their home; however, that isn’t always the case for military families who relocate to new duty stations every two to three years.  For those military families who often have to list and sell within a short time frame, the sales process may seem quite daunting, but having a greater familiarity with the averages of the home selling market can help put your mind at ease. 

Best Places to Market Your Home to Military Families

Marketing Your Home to Military Families

When it comes to military relocation, the pressure is on for a quick turnaround in the timeline for listing and selling a home; otherwise, you may find yourself on the growing list of reluctant military landlords, managing a home you couldn't sell before your PCS from across the country.  Therefore, knowing where to find your market quickly is key in helping you achieve an efficient sale.  Naturally, when you market your home effectively, you have more people that are interested in purchasing it. Therefore, you can increase the likelihood that you will get the amount of money that you really want out of your home by marketing it in the right places. 

5 Tips for Selling Military Housing “By Owner”

5 Tips for Selling Military Housing

After 14 years of being a landlord and sharing advice on how to manage rental properties and foster a relationship with your tenants, I find myself embarking on a new realm of the real estate experience as a seller.

Determining the Value of Your Military House

Value of Your Military House

Research, market analysis and timing can be critical to homeowners who are listing their home For Sale. For military homeowners, the timing part is often non-negotiable, so having access to tools that will help you conduct a thorough research of your local real estate market is essential.

9 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Home For Sale

MilitaryByOwner Homes For Sale

Staging your home For Sale is a subject we have explored through resource articles and video tutorials, but many homeowners may still be intimidated by the term “home staging”. Home staging does not equate to hiring an interior decorator to glamourize your home, but more simply an effort to showcase the natural features of your home.

MilitaryByOwner Tips for Selling Your Home in the Winter

Selling Your Home in the Winter

As winter approaches most thoughts turn to the holidays, festive meals and sitting by the fireplace, so if you have a home for sale advertised on MilitaryByOwner, how do you get potential buyers to come out in the cold?

The great news is there are fewer homes on the market during the winter, making it an ideal time to let your home shine. Here are tips to make your house the one that buyers want to call home.

Curb Appeal – We have discussed the importance of first impressions in our articles “Demystifying “For Sale by Owner” and “The Dos and Don’ts of Real Estate Photography” and while most people think curb appeal revolves around green grass and blooming trees, this is only one piece of the puzzle. While winter landscape is rather barren in the colder areas, it is still important to take a critical eye of how your home makes its first impression. If you live in an area with snow, clear a path to your walkway and front door. Remove dead leaves from under shrubs and pull out expired flowers that cast a brown hue over your planter beds. If you have your home on the market during the holidays, consider putting up simple decorations that will highlight the architecture of your home, but be sure to remove decorations in a timely fashion as well.

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