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3 Easy, Cheap Ways for Cozy Temp Living!

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I’ve never installed curtains in any of our homes; having lived in now 8 different homes over the past 7 years, the thought of bothering to measure windows, install curtain rods, and hang curtains that may only suit the windows at that particular home has always seemed like a waste of time and money.  Why go to the trouble when a) it’s likely that we’ll move in a year, and b) the windows already have perfectly acceptable window coverings in the form of blinds. If the window is covered, then isn’t that all that matters?

Top 10 Things about the Military Homeowner Protection Act of 2014

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Our recent blog entitled Military Spouse Spearheads BigMilitary Tax Break discussed how military spouse Crystal Franklin raised awareness of an undue tax burden on military families in South Carolina who found it challenging to sell their home upon receiving orders to PCS out of state. As a result of her advocacy work and the support she received from Representative Murrell Smith (R-Sumter, District 67), the state’s congress unanimously passed the Military Homeowner Protection of 2014 on March 14th. The new legislation has since earned praise from media, local military commanders, and politicians alike throughout the state. Governor Nikki Haley explained,

Military Spouse Spearheads Big Military Tax Break!

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The pervasive news of military budget cuts and scandals wracking the ranks that have proliferated over the past couple of years has a bright spot: More military and military spouses are not only aware of a need for change, but also they’re increasingly more aware of a need for self-advocacy from the military community. Programs such as Homefront Rising encourage military spouses, for instance, to learn about advocacy and run for political office; a quick online search shows that a large number of organizations already exist to support veterans interested in politics and political action. One military spouse completely unaffiliated with any of these organizations, however, decided that she’d had enough of military budget cuts and the lack of seeming support for military in recent years, so she decided to take on big government herself!    

Flip Houses for $100K in 30 days

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 After spending months of having The Weather Channel on in the background during my workday, the final onset of warmer weathers meant that I no longer needed to desperately listen in for any glimmer of hope that the months of snow and ice would end. Unfortunately, I’m not so sure that the channel I’ve now tuned to—HGTV—was such a good idea. It’s hard to avert my eyes from the phenomenal “flips” that investors and homebuyers make in rundown income properties that any normal person wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole! The transformations are generally spectacular, but the realtor’s evaluation of the post-renovation is generally even more impressive.  With a mere 30-days-worth of work, investors on these shows can increase the value of their property in excess of $100,000; when the investors then sells the house after a single open house, walking away from the property with a massive lump sum only 60 or so days after purchasing the property, I stare agape. They make more than what most people make in a year in one-twelfth of the time.

They make it look so easy.

Is It Time for a Bigger Place? How Much Room Does a Baby Need?

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Almost as soon as a couple eagerly gushes about the impending arrival of their first child, the dawning realization of caring for the needs of another person sets in, bringing with it an evil—albeit, temporary—disease that we’ll refer to as “Space Angst.”  Those suffering from space angst exhibits signs typical to that of someone with stress and anxiety.  Frequent questions from space angst sufferers generally revolve around the topics of what material items will the baby need, where will they find room for those who will want to visit the baby, and an even more threatening “space” question—what if another baby comes along, too?  For most military families, the latter question is rarely a concern, as by the time one child has arrived, Uncle Sam will have determined that the next child will be born at a Military Treatment Facility (MTF) somewhere else; the PCS will easily help the family address any further space angst needs.

e-book Discusses Managing the Stress of a PCS


UShip, a company that helps military families move everything from furniture and appliances to pets and pianos, has just released a new eBook to help military families adjust to the emotional strains of relocation.  The company that most families probably know best from their starring role on A&E’s Shipping Wars aims to use their new eBook, Easing the Stress of Moving for Military Families, as a way to provide families within the Armed Forces with information about the resources available to them.  By helping military families identify the emotional stressors involved in moving, the book suggests, they can better manage the way in which they both prepare for and proceed with the move.  If you can manage the emotional stress of a PCS, their moving services can handle the rest. 

Honoring Military Heroes Across America

Wreaths Across America

In a time of holiday hustle and bustle, we wanted to share a beautiful story of honor and remembrance.

Morrill Worcester, owner of Worcester Wreath Company of Harrington, Maine, found himself with a surplus of fresh Christmas wreaths one year and drew on the childhood memory of a visit to Arlington National Cemetery to begin what is now the non-profit organization, Wreaths Across America.

Recognizing that his good fortune and success was due, in large part, to the sacrifices of our nations fallen, he wanted to honor those that call Arlington National Cemetery their final resting place. In 1992, he sent the surplus of wreaths to Arlington to be laid on the graves of those in an older section of Arlington that was receiving less and less visitors each year. This tradition continued quietly until 2005, when the above photo was circulated on the Internet.

Determining the Value of Your Military House

Value of Your Military House

Research, market analysis and timing can be critical to homeowners who are listing their home For Sale. For military homeowners, the timing part is often non-negotiable, so having access to tools that will help you conduct a thorough research of your local real estate market is essential.

Smell to Sell?

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Is it possible that home selling might involve more than just cents and sense? Could the unique scent of your home be keeping buyers away?

The Great Military Housing Debate

Military Housing Debate

The military housing decision for American service members is one that garners much thought and debate. Whether to buy or rent a home is not based solely on financial readiness and practicality, but with the added component of frequent relocation that is a staple of military service.

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