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MilitaryByOwner Offers Military Housing Options Near Camp Blanding

camp blanding

Hello fans and customers of Our base page suggestions continue to roll in, and of late, we have received more than one suggestion from customers asking where they can advertise their homes for sale or rent near Camp Blanding, FL, as well as from folks who are looking for housing near Camp Blanding.  As a result of several requests, we have added this base under our Florida base page selections.  You can find Camp Blanding Housing information and listings here: Camp Blanding Homes for Sale and Houses for Rent

MilitaryByOwner Adds Fresno National Guard to Database


By Christy Shields 
MilitaryByOwner Staff Writer

Our customer requests for new base page additions on are coming in fast and furious of late, with California proving to be one of the more popular states we are receiving requests from.  One of the most recent requests that we have added as a California base page selection for people to find and advertise homes for sale or rent is titled Fresno National Guard.  The California Air National Guard Base in Fresno is home to the 144th Fighter Wing (FW) as well as the nearby Fresno National Guard Armory.  The 144th FW utilizes the F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft and provides air defense protection to California with its area of operation stretching from Oregon down to the Mexican border.  This facility is based at the Fresno Yosemite International Airport which is in eastern Fresno, CA.  The title of the airport bears the name Yosemite, however, the facility approximately 60 miles south of Yosemite National Park on California State Route 41.  Downtown Fresno is only 5 miles east of the base, and the city of Clovis, CA is about 6 miles north of the base.

Fresno is located in Central California’s San Joaquin Valley and is #1 in agricultural production in the nation, renowned for the amazing variety, quality, and quantities of produce yields.  It is the largest metropolitan area in the San Joaquin Valley and as such reigns as the business, financial, cultural and entertainment capital of that area.  Average winter temperatures are generally high 30’s to the high 50’s (Fahrenheit) and summer temperatures average the low 60’s to high 90’s (Fahrenheit).  Fresno and nearby Clovis, CA are considered the gateway to the Sierra National Forest  and it is a relatively short drive to visit one of the amazing  nearby national parks, to include Yosemite National Park,  Kings Canyon National Park and Sequoia National Park.   If you are looking for housing or homes near the Fresno National Guard base, or wish to advertise your home in the area, we welcome you to do so using  If you have a military installation you would like to see us add to our database, please let us know.

Camp Mabry Homes on

describe the image

By Christy Shields 
MilitaryByOwner Staff Writer

We recently received a request to add Camp Mabry in Austin, Texas as one of the base page selections on  This is not the first time we’ve received a request for this base and so we thought it a good choice to add to our list of military installations in Texas for people who are looking for housing near Camp Mabry.  If this applies to you, check out our link Camp Mabry Homes. The camp was named for Brigadier General Woodford H. Mabry the Adjutant General of Texas from January 23, 1891 to May 4, 1898 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1996.  In 1992, the Texas Military Forces Museum opened on the site. Also, Camp Mabry has operated an ICAO recognized weather station since 1898.

Camp Mabry is the third-oldest active military installation in Texas behind Fort Sam Houston and Fort Bliss and is home to the Headquarters of the Texas Military Forces, the three-branch military of the US state of Texas. It is composed of the Texas Army National Guard, the Texas Air National Guard, and the Texas State Guard. All three branches are administered by the state adjutant general and fall under the command of the governor.  Camp Mabry is located in north central Austin surrounded by the Austin, TX neighborhoods of  Rosedale, Highland Park West, Windsor Park, Rollingwood, and West Lake Hills to name a few.  Weather in Austin ranges from the 40’s to the mid 60’s (F) in the winter, and the high 60’s to high 90’s (F) in the summertime.

Search for USCG Air Station North Bend Homes

USCG Group Air Station

By Christy Shields

It seems our presence in Oregon is growing as we recently received a request to add the USCG Air Station in North Bend, Oregon.  Officially, the facility is referred to as US Coast Guard Group/Air Station North Bend, Oregon.  It is part of the USCG’s 13th District and the unit headquarters are located at the Southwest Oregon Regional Airport in North Bend, a city in Coos County, Oregon. 

North Bend is surrounded on three sides by Coos Bay, an S-shaped water inlet and estuary where the Coos River enters Coos Bay on the Pacific Ocean.  Coos Bay and North Bend border each other and are often referred to as one entity, Coos Bay-North Bend or the Bay Area.  The Coos Bay-North Bend areas actually make up the largest “city” on the Oregon Coast! The climate in Coos Bay-North Bend is fairly moderate with typical winter temperatures ranging from 35-55 degrees F, and in summer from 52-70 degrees F.  There are gorgeous sunsets along beautiful beaches aplenty.  Hiking, surfing, angling, and boating are all popular area activities. 

USCG Station Portland Oregon Added to MilitaryByOwner Database

USCG Station Portland

By Christy Shields

Here at, we often receive suggestions for new base page additions to our website so that folks can advertise their homes near military bases and/or find housing near a particular military base or post.  Recently we received a request to add the USCG Station in Portland, Oregon.  The station is open non-stop and is co-located with the Marine Safety Unit (MSU) Oregon, on Swan Island on the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon. The actual physical and mailing address is: 6767 N Basin Ave, Portland, OR 97217. 

The station sits adjacent to the University of Portland, Oregon, so the area has a great “college town” feel.  Station Portland is a fairly new station, having been established on 18 August 1997.  While the station performs many missions, it is primarily responsible for search and rescue and homeland security. Adds Coast Guard Long Island to Website

Customer service is of the utmost importance to us here at and we greatly appreciate the suggestions and feedback we receive from our customers.

Put Your Best Foot Forward in Your MilitaryByOwner Advertisement

MilitaryByOwner Home Tour Plus

Writing an advertisement for your home For Sale on is not unlike authoring your profile for an online dating site; you want to put your best foot forward.

For military service members who do not have the luxury of onsite house hunting, we rely heavily on online advertisements, and sometimes we are forced into buying a home site unseen.  If you find yourself in this position, glean important information from a military families experience from our article, “In a Blind Date with My New House: Buying Homes Site Unseen”. 

Ads for homes that use words such as “cozy”, “charming”, “conveniently located”, “efficient kitchen” may sound flowery, but what do these words convey to potential buyers?  More than likely it translates as “small”, “old”, “located on a busy street” and “tiny kitchen”.  So if you are trying to highlight your homes assets and play down its shortcomings, what should you say?

MilitaryByOwner Customer Perspective on "For Sale by Owner"

For Sale By OwnerWhen it comes to the number of decisions inherent with a military relocation, the conjecture of what to do with the home you own can quickly overwhelm.

While the slow real estate market almost deterred our customer, John, from selling his home, he and his wife decided that they would attempt to sell their home by themselves to increase their profit margin. We asked John to share his advice with our customers that may be contemplating selling their home without the assistance of a real estate agent.

MBO:  What advice would you offer to other military families who are interested in selling their home by themselves? Changing Your Ad Status Tutorial


One of our primary goals at is to keep the advertisements on our site as up-to-date as possible. If your home has "rented", "sold", is "under contract" or has a "lease pending", please view our video tutorial for the easy steps in making this change to your ad.

MilitaryByOwner Video Tutorial - Changing Your Ad Status

One of our top priorities at is to keep the ads on our site as up-to-date as possible. We rely on our customers to update their ad with us when there has been a change in the status of the home. 

Our customers often contact us asking how to "remove" or "cancel" their ad. While we use the terminology "Changing Your Ad Status", the desired result of removing the ad from our site is the same. 

If you are currently advertising with us and you have recently "rented" or "sold" your home you are more than welcome to contact us for us to make this change for you, however, we thought it would be helpful to create a video tutorial that will assist you in making this change yourself.

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