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Honoring Military Heroes Across America

Wreaths Across America

In a time of holiday hustle and bustle, we wanted to share a beautiful story of honor and remembrance.

Morrill Worcester, owner of Worcester Wreath Company of Harrington, Maine, found himself with a surplus of fresh Christmas wreaths one year and drew on the childhood memory of a visit to Arlington National Cemetery to begin what is now the non-profit organization, Wreaths Across America.

Recognizing that his good fortune and success was due, in large part, to the sacrifices of our nations fallen, he wanted to honor those that call Arlington National Cemetery their final resting place. In 1992, he sent the surplus of wreaths to Arlington to be laid on the graves of those in an older section of Arlington that was receiving less and less visitors each year. This tradition continued quietly until 2005, when the above photo was circulated on the Internet.

Determining the Value of Your Military House

Value of Your Military House

Research, market analysis and timing can be critical to homeowners who are listing their home For Sale. For military homeowners, the timing part is often non-negotiable, so having access to tools that will help you conduct a thorough research of your local real estate market is essential.

Smell to Sell?

Smell to Sell resized 600

Is it possible that home selling might involve more than just cents and sense? Could the unique scent of your home be keeping buyers away?

The Great Military Housing Debate

Military Housing Debate

The military housing decision for American service members is one that garners much thought and debate. Whether to buy or rent a home is not based solely on financial readiness and practicality, but with the added component of frequent relocation that is a staple of military service.

MilitaryByOwner Accepting Resumes at MOAA Job Fair


Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) is focused on bringing military job seekers and employers together to offer employment opportunities in the civilian market. MOAA will host a career fair for current and former military members, military spouses and current or former federal employees, 18 October 2013, at the Washington, D.C. Convention Center.

MilitaryByOwner Teams Up with Army Wife Network

MilitaryByOwner Army Wife Network

MilitaryByOwner Advertising Inc. recognizes that military life has many components and while we focus our efforts on helping service members secure off-base military housing, we thoroughly enjoy supporting various avenues of the military network and the opportunity to introduce ourselves to military families. It is this desire, which has led us to sponsor Army Wife Network’s (AWN) “Field Exercise”™ for over four years now. 

“Our relationship with Army Wife Network has broadened our knowledge on the specific challenges that Army spouses face and has allowed us the offer support and services vital to frequent military relocation”, explains Sharon Gran, President of MilitaryByOwner Advertising, Inc.  “We enjoy supporting the efforts of Tara & Star and thank them for allowing us to introduce ourselves to the attendees of their Field Exercise™ events.”

Bringing Army spouses together to discuss the unique aspects of military life, Tara Crooks and Star Henderson, co-founders of AWN, have found the perfect balance of humor, reflection and education to help other spouses navigate Army life.

Educational Resources for Military Families

Military Education Research

PCS orders are on the horizon and your first step is to find off-base military housing using, but the criteria for the perfect home has less to do with the number of bedrooms, and more to do with the proximity to the perfect school. 

Cautionary Tale for Landlords

Cautionary Tale for Landlords

In a perfect world, landlord/tenant relationships would be easy for military homeowners. And while most relationships are amicable, there are instances when things go awry. We have discussed various ways to prepare for new tenants and to how to create a positive landlord/tenant relationship, but we have yet to delve into ways to prepare and protect you as a landlord in the event that the relationship breaks down.

MilitaryByOwner Launches San Diego Military Lifestyle Blog

San Diego Military Living

Recognizing that military relocation involves more than just finding a new home, MilitaryByOwner set out to find additional avenues to help servicemembers and their families during times of relocation.

Coast Guard Charleston Adds Southern Charm to

Coast Guard Charleston

Welcome to our new base page, Coast Guard Charleston!  Charleston, SC is home to the USCG Coast Guard Sector Charleston. The Base is located at 196 Tradd Street, Charleston, SC 29401, at the southern-most tip of the city with access to both the Ashley and Cooper Rivers.  As a seagoing port, Coast Guard Charleston's location puts it in a key position for seagoing missions as well as shore based activities.  Surrounded by waterfront, the base measures just over 8 acres and is located within Charleston’s’ Historic District.  Charleston boasts more than one nationally registered historic district and just a stone’s throw away from the Coast Guard Base is Charleston’s French Quarter District. 

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