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6 Ways to Prepare for New Tenants

Preparing for New Tenants

Military families prepare for a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) by making lists, many of them. At the top of every list is at least one item that embodies some aspect of military housing, whether it is notifying your landlord of your departure, renting or selling your current home or securing housing at your next military base. For military homeowners who choose to become landlords, this item will have more bullet points than most. While is here to make the process of renting your home easier, there are many aspects to this task that warrant your time and attention.

For Sale by Owner – Showing Your Home

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You have read our article, “Demystifying “For Sale by Owner” and have decided that you are willing and able to sell your home without the assistance of an agent. So let’s delve into one of the areas of selling your own home that can prove to be a bit tricky… showing your home.

MilitaryByOwner Launches San Diego Military Lifestyle Blog

San Diego Military Living

Recognizing that military relocation involves more than just finding a new home, MilitaryByOwner set out to find additional avenues to help servicemembers and their families during times of relocation.

Coast Guard Charleston Adds Southern Charm to

Coast Guard Charleston

Welcome to our new base page, Coast Guard Charleston!  Charleston, SC is home to the USCG Coast Guard Sector Charleston. The Base is located at 196 Tradd Street, Charleston, SC 29401, at the southern-most tip of the city with access to both the Ashley and Cooper Rivers.  As a seagoing port, Coast Guard Charleston's location puts it in a key position for seagoing missions as well as shore based activities.  Surrounded by waterfront, the base measures just over 8 acres and is located within Charleston’s’ Historic District.  Charleston boasts more than one nationally registered historic district and just a stone’s throw away from the Coast Guard Base is Charleston’s French Quarter District. 

MilitaryByOwner Expands Options for Military Housing in California

Military Housing California

We recently received a suggestion to add the US Coast Guard Air Station, located in beautiful San Francisco, California to the list of base page selections.  While researching the Air Station, we noticed several Coast Guard facilities all within close range of each other.  Coast Guard Air Station San Francisco is located 13 miles south of downtown at the San Francisco International Airport in an unincorporated area of San Mateo County.  The cities of San Bruno, Millbrae, Burlingame and San Mateo are all nearby as well as the East Side neighborhood and the area known as South San Francisco.   Air Station San Francisco has been located adjacent to the San Francisco International Airport since 1941 and since that time its primary mission has remained unchanged, namely, maritime Search and Rescue along 300 miles of coastline from Point Conception to Fort Bragg.   You will find Coast Guard San Francisco on our map of Military Homes in California. Home Staging Video


Your home is a reflection of your personal taste and style, where you have free reign to decorate as you please. However, when it comes time to put your home on the market, the first and often most difficult step, is to switch your mindset. This wonderful place you call home is now on the market and open to other individual tastes and opinions. While you may love the custom cases that creatively showcase your snow globe collection, chances are others will not share your passion. Has Your Dream Retirement Property

Now that visions of sugar-plums have cleared from your head, maybe it is time to dream about your future.  Is retirement on the horizon or something you desire to plan for now. Where do you envision spending the lazy days of retirement? How about a 17-acre horse farm in Kentucky, an acre lot on the 7th hole of a golf course in North Carolina or a waterfront lot in sunny Florida?

MilitaryByOwner Advertising, Inc. Launches Mobile Application

MilitaryByOwner Mobile Home Finder App

MilitaryByOwner Advertising, Inc. is thrilled to announce the launch of our free home finder application for the iPhone and iPad platforms, allowing MilitaryByOwner customers to search for homes near military bases from their mobile devices.

MilitaryByOwner Tips for Selling Your Home in the Winter

Selling Your Home in the Winter

As winter approaches most thoughts turn to the holidays, festive meals and sitting by the fireplace, so if you have a home for sale advertised on MilitaryByOwner, how do you get potential buyers to come out in the cold?

The great news is there are fewer homes on the market during the winter, making it an ideal time to let your home shine. Here are tips to make your house the one that buyers want to call home.

Curb Appeal – We have discussed the importance of first impressions in our articles “Demystifying “For Sale by Owner” and “The Dos and Don’ts of Real Estate Photography” and while most people think curb appeal revolves around green grass and blooming trees, this is only one piece of the puzzle. While winter landscape is rather barren in the colder areas, it is still important to take a critical eye of how your home makes its first impression. If you live in an area with snow, clear a path to your walkway and front door. Remove dead leaves from under shrubs and pull out expired flowers that cast a brown hue over your planter beds. If you have your home on the market during the holidays, consider putting up simple decorations that will highlight the architecture of your home, but be sure to remove decorations in a timely fashion as well.

Advertise or Search “Room for Rent” on

Room for Rent

While most military families search for homes, townhomes or condos on our site, not all relocating military personnel are in need of an entire home, but may instead be looking for a room for rent.  Conversely, there are many military families who have extra space in their home that they would like to rent to a military tenant.

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