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Military Families: My Flood Insurance Wake Up Call

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As military families move from state to state, local insurance requirements are often overlooked.  We had a homeowner’s insurance wake-up call a couple of years ago when we realized that our policy lacked flood insurance. Insurance doesn’t play a role in the day-to-day management of a home or rental property, and so in many cases (as with ours in this instance), no one thinks about insurance until there’s a problem. In our case, we were lucky that the adjuster eventually determined that our water damage was a result of a burst pipe; if it hadn’t been, then we would have paid $10,000 in mold and water damage remediation out-of-pocket.

Military PCS During the Off-Season

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Moving is a hassle.
We create methods and routines to make each move easier but let’s face it, it is an inconvenience.  There are a number of chores we are responsible for when we move: canceling our bills, un-enrolling children from school, forwarding our mailing address, and on top of that, we have to find a new home.

When my husband and I moved for training, we were told we would be there for six months. This meant that we would be moving in in July. You probably know, finding open real estate during the spring and summer can be fairly easy. Unfortunately, six months would put our next move in February. Renters have found it more difficult to find new tenants during the winter months because not many people move; it is referred to as the “off-season” for military relocations. As you can imagine, our situation became a challenge when we first started looking for our new home.

Fisher Houses Benefit Veterans and Families


Our family has not had the occasion to occupy a Fisher House, and for that I am grateful.  However, that the opportunity exists is something that I find comforting as well.  For those who are not familiar, the Fisher Houses are what the not-for-profit organization describes as a “home away from home” for families of patients in treatment or receiving medical care from military facilities and Veteran’s Affairs medical centers.  Fisher Houses are usually located near the patient’s recovery center. If the distance is not walkable, transportation is provided. Currently there are 64 Fisher Houses open in the United States and Germany.

Thank You Veterans

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We wish you a Happy Veterans Day.  A day to honor those who have or are serving in the US Armed Forces.  It can be thought of as a day off work, a day of shopping with stores full of sale stickers or perhaps a day of restaurants thanking you with free meals.  However you celebrate Veterans Day, stop to look at the American flag flying high and what that symbolizes.  Freedom. That freedom comes from those who have served, past and present.

Veterans' Day Meals and Deals

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Veterans’ Day is approaching and thank goodness! This time of the year is always busy and sometimes we just need a break. The long weekend provides us extra time with our family and a chance to have some fun. But Veterans’ Day is not only celebrated within our homes, the public honors it as well.

5 Helpful Holiday Orders from Amazon

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For many military families, access to the items they may want or even need for the holidays can be difficult to shop for in the traditional brick and mortar stores. There is no doubt that online shopping has its place in preparing for the upcoming months of holiday gatherings and family weekend guests.  There isn’t anywhere better to start than with Amazon for your party planning needs.  Shopping through the website can alleviate the lack availability.  From the mundane items, to products you were surprised they carried, this list of five ideas might help you in a pinch, or inspire you to look for more items to make your celebrations even more festive and memorable.

What is your holiday tradition?

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We all know moves are frequent in the military. We may not be in the same home for two Thanksgivings or two Easters. Military families know how to make a house feel like home just a couple months after the move. We create routines, or traditions, if you will, that provide consistency when moving from one home to the next.

Must you Marry for Love in the Military?

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Is your military family neighbors next door a married couple who have entered a marriage covenant or a couple in a marriage contract? Does the “why” behind a marriage matter? According to the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the answer is “yes,” as those who marry for the purpose of procuring green cards are committing the crime of marriage fraud. Trials last year found many service members guilty of marriage fraud; service members found guilty received reduced rank, reduced pay, hard labor, and fines among other punishments.

Time To Start Looking For Your Next Home?


As 2014 rolls towards a close, people all around begin to plan for the excitement of the Holiday Season ahead. Along with the festivities of the season, Active Duty Military Families also look forward to new assignment notifications. The Air Force often releases notifications in the months of November, December and January for change of duty stations in June, July and August.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

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Located on the site of a previous sardine factory on John Steinbeck’s famous Cannery Row, the Monterey Bay Aquarium is one of the first stops made by tourists to Monterey Bay area. In fact, Trip Advisor just named the aquarium number one aquarium in the world!   I can tell you that my daughter and I visited at least monthly if not more, and I easily recommend seeing the facility.   

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