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Coast Guard Station Fire Island, New York

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Located parallel to the South shore of Long Island, New York, is Coast Guard Station Fire Island, New York. Surrounded by the Great South Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, Fire Island is 32 miles long. Nearby towns on the mainland include Babylon, Islip, and Bay Shore.

Do I stay or do I go?

Military SpouseIn the military you anticipate separation with your spouse. From the start of their career to many promotions later, our spouse receives orders for training, deployments, and overseas work. It's difficult, during those times, to adjust in their absence. Our role in the house changes and we become more independent. Suddenly, we rely more than ever on the support of our friends and family; which is why it is important to have a good community around us. We are faced with a decision when our spouse leaves, do we stay where we are, or do we return home to family?

If you choose to return home, you are surrounded by your family. They may not fully understand the emotions you are experiencing but you have the comfort you grew up with and people you trust to talk to.

A 15 or 30 Year Mortgage for Financial Peace?

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In our recent blog, Ramsey’s Financial Peace for Military Families, we discussed how the US Army Office of the Chief of Chaplains approved the use of faith-based financial guru Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University program for financial stewardship training on military installations. We discussed how, despite the best intentions of the program and the great principles behind it, there are a couple of calculations that don’t quite add up for military families. Namely, Ramsey’s encouragement for families to only acquire 15-year instead of 30-year mortgages. Let’s break down those numbers!

MilitaryByOwner is proud to exhibit at the 2014 Modern Day Marine!

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Modern Day Marine 2014 kicks-off this week at Marine Corps Base Quantico. The mission of this 3-day event is to assist the Marine Corps to identify and procure the best products and services to help their warfighting efforts and to promote the message of the Marine Corps League.

Why eat Healthy?

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Since it is the weekend, we may need a reminder about why we need to eat healthy.  I think we all know it is better to eat a healthy diet. Eating only the nutrients our body needs leaves us feeling good, with more energy, and with less health problems. Unfortunately eating healthy does not always meet our craving needs. I fall victim to sugar, carbs, and fast food most days. Mostly because they are advertised everywhere!

Practical Pointers for a Move to Monterey

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The first thing you will notice is the amount of money it takes just to live in the Monterey area to include Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach, and Carmel.  Utilities were the highest we have ever paid in all of our moves, especially for water. The rent was right behind as the next increased monthly bill.  Rent of course will vary depending on which school system you choose, if one is needed.  Also keep in mind, your family might lose a professional pay that you would typically include in your budget. For example, my husband was in school so his “jump pay” was removed because he was not actively using that skill.   Rent and water were the biggest increases in bills each month, but be aware that just about everything from food to gas is priced at points that are typically some of the highest in the country. Use your commissary, PX and shoppettes for the best savings overall.


Tell it all with a MilitaryByOwner Business Ad

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MilitaryByOwner announced last week new business ad page for local businesses, including property managers, real estate agents, home inspectors, mortgage lenders, and more. You can currently find these business partner listings under our business directory; however, the new business ad pages will provide prospective home buyers, sellers, landlords, and renters with a more comprehensive look at the business offerings available at their new duty station.

Suddenly a Landlord?

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Congrats! You’ve just finished the home improvement project you’ve been working on! It may have taken way longer to complete than you’d initially thought, but, it all looks fantastic! Of course, just when you’d like to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor, you receive military orders for a new assignment! With the time and effort you’ve put in, this abode is a “keeper”, so, you opt to list it as a rental. Look at you! Now, you’ve become a landlord!

Army Wives Network Event at Fort Meade

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Do you live in the Fort Meade Maryland area? If so you are not going to want to miss the Army Wives Network Field Exercise:Battle Buddies event. 

Is It Time to Buy a Condo?

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As new kids to the home buying market in 2007, my husband and I have since been reluctant to even consider the remote possibility of purchasing a condo. Living in one is a condo is one thing; convenient living with a concierge as well as pool, maintenance, and landscaping that someone else takes care of suits us just fine. Owning a condo, however, is quite another entirely.

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