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Tell it all with a MilitaryByOwner Business Ad

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MilitaryByOwner announced last week new business ad page for local businesses, including property managers, real estate agents, home inspectors, mortgage lenders, and more. You can currently find these business partner listings under our business directory; however, the new business ad pages will provide prospective home buyers, sellers, landlords, and renters with a more comprehensive look at the business offerings available at their new duty station.

Suddenly a Landlord?

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Congrats! You’ve just finished the home improvement project you’ve been working on! It may have taken way longer to complete than you’d initially thought, but, it all looks fantastic! Of course, just when you’d like to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor, you receive military orders for a new assignment! With the time and effort you’ve put in, this abode is a “keeper”, so, you opt to list it as a rental. Look at you! Now, you’ve become a landlord!

Army Wives Network Event at Fort Meade

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Do you live in the Fort Meade Maryland area? If so you are not going to want to miss the Army Wives Network Field Exercise:Battle Buddies event. 

Is It Time to Buy a Condo?

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As new kids to the home buying market in 2007, my husband and I have since been reluctant to even consider the remote possibility of purchasing a condo. Living in one is a condo is one thing; convenient living with a concierge as well as pool, maintenance, and landscaping that someone else takes care of suits us just fine. Owning a condo, however, is quite another entirely.

Young and In Love

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I was raised in what I consider a patriotic family. We watched the news, tied a yellow ribbon around our tree, and hung an American flag outside our front door. However, I recently learned that no amount of news watching, ribbon tying, or flag hanging could prepare someone for the military lifestyle if they were never exposed to it.

Ramsey’s Financial Peace for Military Families

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As of late December last year, the US Army Office of the Chief of Chaplains approved the use of faith-based financial guru Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University program for financial stewardship training. Over the course of just nine lessons, service members and their spouses learn the basics of career building, investing, and how to eliminate debt. As over 60,000 military families have now gone through Ramsey’s program, it’s worth our time to consider some of the aspects of his calculations that pertain to your real estate holdings. If you are one of the families who have gone through his program, we’d love to hear what you thought of it.

Spouse and Family Forum at AFA Air & Space Conference 2014

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The Air Force Association, a 100,000 member strong non-profit that works to support professional military and aerospace education, is again hosting the 2014 Air and Space Conference at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor, MD. As with last year’s conference, the event will include a one day Spouse and Family Forum that is open to spouses of all service members!

MilitaryByOwner is proud to host an exhibit table at the Air and Space Conference, Booth 100.   

Use Your Basement as a Cash Cow

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In our blog post last week, Two Alternative Ideas for Income Properties for Military Families, we looked at the entrepreneurial ventures of owning a vacation rental (hello, beach front condo!) and the significantly less pricey though more personally invasive option of renting our individual rooms in your home. Neither of these options are for the faint at heart; the former is definitely not for the faint of wallet either. One option that presents a more viable option for military families, however, is the basement apartment, an entirely separate living space, but one that’s both convenient to manage and doesn’t require separate real estate taxes. Seems perfect, right?

Helpful Moving Tips for Military Families


Moving is stressful for everyone. But families in the Armed Forces often face additional hardships:

Deciding on a 15 or 30 Year Mortgage for a 3 Year Home

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Given the draw-downs and changing job duties throughout each of the branches, this summer seems to be turning into one of the longest PCS seasons in recent history. Many military families are still receiving orders, and many of those are unexpected, resulting in quick decision-making about home selling and home buying. These are some of the biggest financial decisions that any family will ever make; military families just have to make them much more quickly, and much more frequently than most others.

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